Leadership Team Effectiveness Consulting

Leadership Team Effectiveness

Think of the best team you’ve ever been on. What was it like? Did you work hard and feel energized? Did you have a sense of purpose? Were all the team members “in it” together? What made this team so effective? Now think of a team that was not as effective. What were the meetings like? What was your level of commitment? What was missing? Great teams are made, not born. Teams must invest time and energy to develop practices and discipline that focus and unleash the team’s power.

 What are the Benefits of Team Effectiveness Consulting?

If the Leadership Team is unfocused, or is operating with different agendas, the entire organization suffers. 

The essential elements of effective Leadership Teams are clarity, commitment, communication, trust and alignment. When a Leadership Team increases its effectiveness, the benefits include:

  • Faster and better decisions, leading to improved productivity.
  • Greater accountability and execution of plans and decisions.
  • Increased employee confidence in the Leadership Team.
  • More spontaneity, creativity and open dialogue during meetings.

Leadership Team Effectiveness 2What is Your Approach to Working with Teams?

The most effective Leadership Teams invest time to define and implement these components:

A specific Purpose that defines the work that only the Leadership Team can accomplish.

A set of Shared Values that embody the Team’s collective belief about what is important.

A set of Shared Goals that all members are individually and collectively responsible for delivering.

An agreed-upon Decision-making process that defines which decisions the Team must make, how decisions are made, and how the Team holds itself accountable for implementing the decisions.

A Leadership Agenda that defines the ongoing work and priorities of the Team. The Leadership Agenda has the right mix of strategic and operational activities.

A set of Groundrules and Behaviors that ensure meetings are productive and respectful.

A process for Communicating decisions, actions and progress back to employees.

A high degree of Commitment to the success of each member of the Team.

These components are necessary to achieve Alignment – when all members of the Team feel ownership of the decisions of the Team, and are committed to successfully executing those decisions.

Insights for Action works with leaders and their teams in these ways to enhance their effectiveness and achieve Alignment:

  • Collect feedback to assess the current level of effectiveness.
  • Provide recommendations to quickly improve the team’s performance.
  • Coach the team in real time during team meetings.
  • Design and facilitate working sessions to address specific team issues or enhance the team’s performance.