About Dave Zacchei and Insights for Action

About David-ZaccheiDave Zacchei is the founder and president of Insights for Action, LLC, a leadership coaching, consulting and training company. He works with leaders at all levels to unlock their potential and enhance their effectiveness.

He started Insights for Action because leadership effectiveness is the number one driver of employee engagement, team performance and organizational success. Leaders make all the difference.  And leaders need help from time to time.

With 20 years experience in large corporations, Dave Zacchei brings practical “know-how” to his work with clients. He understands the challenges leaders face. Constant pressure. Organizational change. The desire to make a difference. Juggling the role of technical expert and organizational leader.

My Values

These values are the basis for how I work with clients:

Integrity. Authenticity. Creativity. Partnership. Humor.

These operating principles guide me in my partnership with clients:

•    Leadership is about aligning your behaviors and actions with your values. That’s where we start.

•    I see my clients as resourceful, creative and in charge of their success.

•    My role is to challenge and support clients on their journey of discovery and change. I am 100% committed to my clients’ success.

•    I give clients honest feedback – I don’t hold back.

•    There are very few clear answers, but there are always clear choices. I help clients make conscious choices based on their values and what’s important to them and their organizations.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

Roy Disney, senior executive for the Walt Disney Company