Career Coaching

 Career CoachingMany successful leaders find themselves wondering, “What’s next with my career?”  Or they decide they need a change – in direction, in role, in employer.  Technical professionals wonder, “Should I go into management?” Some of us are still asking, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

All of these questions reflect a desire to be fulfilled.  To be challenged and happy in the work we do. To live a life with clarity, purpose and impact. To make a difference.

How Can Career Coaching Help with Your Career?

Insights for Action works with successful leaders who want more out of their work lives, or who want to change the situation they are in. Coaching is a process of becoming clearer about what’s important to you, what your core values are, when you feel most alive and effective.  Through this process, you develop insights about yourself and your pattern of thinking and behaving.  Then, we develop specific goals that you want to accomplish. We explore what gets in your way of moving forward on these goals, and implement tactics for overcoming those barriers. We problem-solve as you work to accomplish your goals. Over time, you develop new tools for pursuing your goals and desires.  You become more “in charge” of your career and life.

What is a dream you’ve had that is not being nurtured? What change would make a huge difference in your sense of satisfaction? What legacy do you want to create? How can you use all of your talents at work? Let’s start uncovering the answers to these questions!

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